John Cross  – Chairman

Hilary Andrews –  Vice Chair, Chair of Planning

Wendy Brown  – Roads and Ditches

Mark Holdsworth  – Tree Warden

Yvette Parkes – Finance & Winter Maintenance

All parish councillors are members of the Planning Committee.

Parish Clerk

Parish Council – Vacancies

We currently have vacancies on the Parish Council. If you are interested please contact the clerk at

You need to ensure you meet the criteria for eligibility and are not disqualified, and also meet the person specification. Parish Councillors are elected by residents at ordinary elections which are held every four years. If a position becomes vacant due to a Councillor resigning, dying, or being disqualified, a vacant seat is created. If after displaying a notice of vacancy for at least 14 working days, as long as no more than 10 electors from the Parish give written notice to request a by election, the vacancy can be filled by co-option.  

The Good Councillors Guide, gives essential guidance for Parish Councillors and is a welcome resource for new councillors and for those thinking of becoming a Councillor.

Criteria for Eligibility A person is eligible to be co-opted provided they are qualified to be a councillor pursuant to s.79 of the Local Government Act 1972 (“the Act”) and are not disqualified pursuant to s.80 of the Act. For more detailsclick here.Person Specification As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, anyone can become a Parish Councillor. The main thing is that you are willing to volunteer your time to work for free on behalf of your community. You do not have to belong to a political party, you just need to be concerned with local community matters. For more details click here